About Personalised Gifts & Souvenirs by Anthony Smith Travel

Welcome to the Anthony Smith Travel Gift Shop!

With 20 years in the Travel Industry and 30 years of travelling, I (Anthony) have often lost or broken souvenirs, or forgotten to get someone one or simply have just not been able to find the right souvenir. I always think “I will get back their one day and I’ll get it then”, but it never happens. If it does, I usually lose it, break it forget it or can’t find the right souvenir again.

I also take loads of photo’s and once they have been uploaded to Facebook and Instagram, they get buried in the archives of the phone or computer, long forgotten and never seen again, unless they pop up as a memory on your Facebook feed. Over the years, I have thought about ways to show off these photos in a manner other than a photo album or framed picture, as well as ways I can re-create (or create) those souvenirs that never eventuated. This has resulted in the creation of the “Anthony Smith Travel Gift Shop”!

We have over 50 different items (with more to come) that you can personalise with your favourite holiday snaps, family pics or favourite images (provided you own the rights to reproduce them), or for many items you can choose from our extensive templates to either enhance your snaps or help you out when you are stuck for ideas. Items range from Face Masks to Slate Tiles, from Stubby Coolers to Snow Globes, from Drink Bottles to Keyrings and everything in-between, and I bet we have things you never thought about personalising. Unlike many other sites, you supply us the image (or choose from ours) and we design the layout for you.

Sometimes I don’t quite get the right photo when I am on holidays and subsequently have photo envy when I see others. To help those in a similar situation we would like to create an Image Gallery that people can choose from instead of using their own photos. To do this we ask that when you use a non-personal image that you allow us to share it to this Gallery.

There is also a range of Anthony Smith Travel merchandise and over 500 Limited Edition & Open Edition Prints on offer too.

Our Service Promise:

  • For Non-Personalised Items that are in stock, we aim to have them ready for collection or ready for delivery with in two business days from receipt of order confirmation & payment.
  • For Personalised Items that are in stock, we aim to have a “Printing Proof” to you with in two business days from receipt of order confirmation & payment. We then aim to have them ready for collection or ready for delivery with in two business days of receiving confirmation of the “Printing Proof”.
  • For items on “Back Order”, upon receipt of order confirmation & payment we will advise an approximate time frame for receiving the item/s from our supplier (generally a couple of days provided our supplier has them), and then once we receive the items the above time frames apply. If this time frame is not suitable we will refund you in full.
  • Please note, that during busy holiday periods (such as the lead up to Christmas) these time frames may extend by a day or two. Also, if your items are being delivered we use a third party (such as Australia Post or a courier company) to do this and as such can not guarantee how long they take to deliver the item to you once they have collected it from us.

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